Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fingertips Part II
by T A Malone

Ella nearly jumped out of her skin as three short raps against the back door in the kitchen jarred her out of her daydream. She took one last glance in the dining room mirror, smoothed out her favorite yellow summer dress, and strolled confidently into her kitchen.
“Come in,” she said opening the door and stepping back so he could pass; secretly hoping he noticed her robust breasts in all their glory beneath the soft yellow cotton. But he gave her a quick nod before his eyes fixated on the spread she laid out on the dining room table.

He stared hungrily at the food while leaning his guitar against a nearby chair, and clapping his hands. “It has been far too long since I've had such a lavish home cooked meal.”
“I love to cook and since the divorce, I've had little reason to . When my hus-ex-husband and I first met, I could burn water, but after awhile, I got the hang of it and would spend hours cooking for my boys because…” Ella said her voice trailing off, worried she said too much about her ex. She couldn't help herself, for her new sexy neighbor looked absolutely delicious standing in her kitchen swathed in a black sport coat, white t-shirt, and blue jeans. 
“Corkscrew?” he asked holding up a bottle of red wine.
“I really liked that song you played last night.” She said finding it hard to breathe as she pulled the necessary tool from a drawer by the sink. And when she turned around, he was even closer than before.
“Thank you.” He said, his eyes never leaving hers.
“You’re welcome.” She replied, her mouth suddenly dry.
He deftly opened the bottle and filled two glasses halfway. He held one glass out to Ella, before raising his own.

“Shall we drink to a wonderful lunch and wonderful company?”
“Yes, cheers,” Ella replied as they brought their glasses together briefly.

"By the way, after our encounter last night, I wrote a song for you."

“You wrote a song for me?”
“Of course, especially since you are feeding me and I played the wrong song last night. Man was that song not for you.”
“You already said that,” Ella replied with a mild edge to her voice.
The Guitar Player shook his head. “Forgive me for being so blunt. The other woman was not on your level.”
“Thank you,” Ella said blushing.
“It is true, so no need to thank me. Anyway, she was a lover long past who is best left forgotten. She did, however, love to dance, in all manners of speaking.” His voice trailed off as his hungry eyes scoured the table.
“Is there anything else that makes me stand out?” she asked, her mind quickly flashing to a vision of some striking Spanish beauty and the Guitar Player doing the horizontal mambo.
He was making a burger, seemingly oblivious to her presence. He took a healthy bite of a patty on a bun and rolled his yes in bliss. “This is good," he chewed thoughtfully and then turned to face her.

"I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“I asked you how.”
“How what?”
“How else are we different?”
“Well, for one thing, you are a marvelous cook.” He said as he swallowed the remains of his bite. “This is a tasty burger.”
Ella blushed once more as he placed the burger on a plate and reached for condiments. “I’m glad you like it. is there anything else?"
“And you,” he started to say while topping the burger off with a piece of Romaine lettuce.
“And I what?”
“Have class.”
“And a marvelous ass, right?” she chimed, surprised she even said it. She wished for a second she could take it back like an errant Tweet and for a second, an awkward silence fell between them, before they both began to laugh.
“Now remember you said that, not me.” He replied jovially.
“Well, I hope you were thinking it. I don’t go to the gym once, maybe twice a week for this body not to be noticed.”
“In that case let us celebrate your ass in song.”

He gestured to a nearby chair. Giggling, she sat down, taking another sip of wine.
“Ella, this is your song.”
The song started slow, a single strum across the strings, echoing in her mind, setting her worries adrift. Soon, she was swaying to the rhythm, her eyes growing heavy, and before long it enveloped her willing body into its warm embrace.
(Dear Reader. I highly recommend you play the tune Sweet Thang by guitar prodigy Shuggie Otis while reading the following passage. Thank you so much, and please be sure to comment so I can get even better at entertaining you. Enjoy!)
Ella opened her eyes to paradise while the sonance of a guitar danced in the air.
She lay on a pristine white towel draped over a patch of lush green grass, with only the bottom of a sky blue bikini gracing her body. A pair of matching sunglasses covered her eyes from the sun’s rays peeking through the trees, dancing upon the surface of a pond and her curvy body, while the warm air softly caressed her bare breasts.
Soon, Ella found her eyes under the spell of a waterfall as it poured down into the pond. For some reason, she could not tear her gaze away from the relaxing sight as the water seemed to descend in slow motion. Blinking, she soon saw two mushroomed heads, one light tan, the other a darker shade of brown poke their way through the cascading water. Licking her lips, she stared with growing lust as the inflated heads slowly revealed the rest of their long, bulging and rigid shafts.
“Oh my,” Ella whispered, taking off her sunglasses.
Before long, the bodies they were attached too came into full view as they strode through the falling water, descending effortlessly into the pond. Ella felt her excitement grow as the muscular men clad in form fitting black bodysuits from head to toe, with only their mouths and magnificent cocks visible slowly waded through the water in her direction.
They rose from the pond, water falling off their suits while their hard rods swayed in the air, heightening her already fevered anticipation. Soon, she found herself savoring their touch as they kneeled on either side of her removing what was left of her bikini.
Ella purred as two tongues twirled around her caramel colored nipples, while a hand lovingly massaged the lips of her teeming flower, and another tickled her rapidly swelling pearl. 
The man to her right planted a soft wet kiss upon her lips, while her hands lasciviously sought and found his hardened member. Meanwhile, Ella enjoyed the second man, who slowly kissed his way down her body, until he was nestled between her thighs. He slid his tongue slowly up and down her sex, driving her mad with his sensual and agonizingly patient actions.
Succumbing to the pleasure and laughing softly as bliss began to take a hold of her she closed her eyes as the first man continued to softly kiss her mouth, soliciting a groan from deep within her soul. She held his swollen phallus in her hands stroking his entire length, while her hips rose and fell as the kisses upon her sex coaxed a small pop from within her core. The first man cradled her face in his strong hands, trailing his thumbs along her cheekbones while melding his lips with hers.
Ella felt the heat within surging, forcing her hips to dip deeper against the towel when suddenly his tongue slipped away, and then a moment later, she felt the tip of his manhood prod against her flower, teasing her with slow, sensual circles against her edge.
The man to her right pulled his lips away from hers, giving Ella a chance to scoot forward; needing his friend deeper within her body, but stopping in her tracks as the first man’s equally succulent member filled her vision, tantalizingly close to her eager mouth. Wishing she could look into his eyes, Ella slowly swallowed just his bulging head soliciting a soft groan while his body shook under the duress of her expert lips and tongue.
The guitar continued to play as the second man’s rigid shaft taunted her no more. Slowly and purposefully he pierced her eager pussy, making Ella groan as she sensually consumed the shaft in her mouth.
Their swiveling hips fell in perfect unison with the rhythm of the guitar, making Ella cry out, as the thick cock in her mouth fell from her soft lips. Slowly, and lovingly she stroked him, before abruptly setting him free, watching him pulsate and throb before raining hot sticky seed upon her heaving chest.
Ella closed her eyes as the sensual strokes of the second man slowly accelerated.  The vision of the first man's copious eruption filled her mind’s eye. Time seemed to slow down as she felt her body finally succumb to the bliss she felt, and the rush came in waves, taking her breath away as her back arched and a deluge of her searing nectar drowned his shaft in a river of sugary sweetness.
It was the heat of her passion which caused him to scream her name before snatching his engorged member from her molten valley and bathing her belly with his own blistering essence.
The customized ring of her cell phone made Ella jump in her chair. Her eyes snapped open and with a pang in her heart, she saw the Guitar Player standing by her back door, holding a plate whose contents were barely covered by a sheet of aluminum foil and his guitar. He smiled, giving her a small salute before Ella blinked and the handsome man was gone, leaving only a note in his wake.
Fanning herself, she unfolded the piece of paper, which simply said thank you.
“No, thank you.” she replied standing on unsteady legs, and in eager need of a change of underwear. 
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

by T A Malone
A lone U-Haul rumbled into the cul-de-sac around eleven that fateful Friday afternoon, followed closely by the red Mercedes coupe of local real estate agent extraordinaire Blaine Richards.  He got out of his car and snatched up the For Rent sign in front of the old Johnstone place, which just so happened to be right next door to Ms. Ella Katawan who was until he arrived, happily tending to her rose bushes.
From her knees, clad in blue jeans and a gray t-shirt, she covertly watched a ruggedly handsome man with a five o’clock shadow step out of the truck, and make his way towards Blaine who decided to shoot Ella a wink. She rolled her eyes and went back to her roses when her cell phone rang.
Since Ella didn’t get to the gym as often as she liked to get in some exercise, she purposefully kept her cell inside the house on a small table by the front door. Slowly she stood to retrieve it, groaning as her knees cracked loudly in protest, while secretly wishing her phone was a hell of a lot closer. 
Walking up the front porch steps, she heard the back of the truck rumble open while she answered her cell phone. “Hey, Alice, what a surprise, not.”
“Did you see your scrumptious new neighbor?” Alice Martin said from her palatial abode across the street. This week, her always stylish braids were a platinum blond and hung delicately just above her caramel colored shoulders. “Mmm, mmm. He look good enough to eat girl. He got this whole Spanish pirate thang going on.”
“You read too many romance novels,” Ella replied.
“Whatever girl. He's hot. Can you see what he has in his truck?”
Ella peered through her blinds. “Uh, now why do I want to see what he has in his damn truck?”
“So you can see what kind of man your future boyfriend is.”
“Oh...you psychic now? Oh hell, here comes the Smiling Cock.” Ella replied watching Blaine strolling confidently up her walkway.
Two short raps against her screen door brought Thor her Dachshund scampering around the corner, barking ferociously as Blaine opened the door.
“Hey baby. How you been?” he took a step forward, and the little dog growled. “What’s with the dog?”
“He knows an asshole when he smells one.” she snapped. “Besides, I’m busy.”
“Yeah I saw you outside earlier. Be sure to tell Alice I said hi, and I must say the roses look great, but your bush might need some tending. I could come back to help, say around ten tonight?”
“Sure, nothing I like better than to sit around my house waiting breathlessly for you to come save me after you tuck your little twenty something wife in for the night. So tell me, do you rock her to sleep to radio Disney, or is it story time with Dr. Seuss?”
“Damn, girl.” Alice replied from over the phone. “That was cold. Funny but cold. Ok, I can see inside his truck. Damn, he certainly doesn't have much furniture wise. I smell a rambling bachelor.”
“How do you know that?” Ella asked.
“A formerly married man would have more stuff. Unless of course, his ex-wife cleaned him out."
“Hey, I never said I wasn’t married,” Blaine whined in the background.
“Asshole you never said you were,”  Ella replied.
“Nice one,” the black woman applauded. “Damn girl. Forget the Smiling Cock in your living room. You need to check out your new neighbor. He got a nice booty. Wait, oh damn, he’s getting one ugly looking love seat off the truck all by himself. With taste like that, he is certainly not gay. Wait, is that a guitar? Oh, I love guitar players.”
Blaine spread his arms wide. “Oh come on baby. You know how beautiful you are with your sexy half Japanese and Hawaiian self. One look at you, I was through, and, well I forgot to mention my wife.”
Ella blinked “Did you just say you forgot to mention your wife? How the hell do you forget to mention a modeling, yoga instructing, personal training, ex-pro football cheerleader wife?”
He shrugged sheepishly. “Cause when I look at you Ella, you-you make me forget about her. Hell, baby, you make me forget about everything.”
“Uh oh,” Alice said over the phone. “Here it comes. The Sales Pitch.”
“You got this thing about you Ella, you know? Captivating, yeah, that’s the word. Captivating, classy and smart. That’s how I would describe you. You don’t look like you over thirty, but you act your age. I can talk to you, and I could look at you forever and a day. Your face, that body, not to mention, you are the best lover I have ever had. Come on, I can’t stop thinking about you baby.” He tried to get closer to her but Thor snarled in his path. “You gonna get this mutt off of me or what?”
“Mutt? Did you just call my baby a mutt?” Ella snapped, making Blaine and Thor take a step back.
“See, you almost had me. The sweet talk, the compliments about my looks. I was even going to let that over thirty comment slide by because you complimented my, ahem, skills. But then you called my baby a mutt.” She pointed at the door. “Get out.”
“Over a dog? Are you kidding me Ella? Don’t miss out on a good thing over this.” Thor snapped at his ankle as he pointed down at him. “Think about it. Who else in town is gonna get your car detailed for you free every week, not to mention get you a better deal on your lawn and exterminator services? I won’t even mention all this here pipe I slipped you.”
“Neither will I Kid Flash,” Ella chided.
Alice laughed. “Oh damn Ella. No, you didn’t.” 
Blaine's face turned beet red beneath his stylish blond hair. “Okay, all right, you got jokes. But if we must be truthful about that, tell me Ella, how long had it been that first time, cause you fucked me like that was the first dic you had in years and-”
“Stop. Please stop.” Ella sighed heavily, remembering their fevered lovemaking and her deep seated need to just feel someone after the worst betrayal she had ever known. “You’re right. I did need what you have, and I miss it. I miss you. But Blaine, you lied to me. You did the same damn thing he did. I-I can’t go through that again, and I won’t go through that again.”
He was silent for a moment, looking at her, the truth sinking in while memories of her soft skin against his flashed through his mind. “I really screwed the pooch on us huh? Damn, I hope someday you can forgive me.”
Ella said nothing as he walked out, Thor snarling in his wake.
Alice noticed how quiet Ella became after Blaine left. “You ok?”
“No,” Ella replied softly. 
With her son away for the weekend, Ella had the house to herself for the first time in months. She took a long shower and afterward, she donned a thin pair of gray sweats, a matching t-shirt, and a faded black hoody, and parked her fanny on the backyard swing long after the sun set. The tiny remnants of a smoldering joint hung from her pretty mouth as she swung slowly, immersed in her thoughts.
Almost two full weeks after the divorce papers were signed, Blaine wormed his hard dic and strong arms into her life. He approached her in the supermarket while she was high, horny and depressed, and wooed her with all the right words, impressed her son with his football knowledge and even paid for her groceries.
So when he asked her out two days later, she didn't hesitate to say yes and then without a seconds thought, she started fucking him.
Then she started to like fucking him.
Then she began to like having him around before and after fucking him.
But after three months of great sex, she saw him in the mall, holding hands with a pretty twenty something she later found out was his wife of four years. 
A single strum on a guitar jarred her back to her present reality, and Ella looked across her yard to see her new neighbor sitting on his porch steps still looking delicious in his white t-shirt, jeans, and bare feet.
She stared at him from the darkness, admiring his chiseled physique, illuminated solely by a candle sitting on a dish next to him. He lit what looked like a cigarette, followed by a long slow drag. Coughing, he put it out next to the burning candle, before lovingly taking his instrument into his strong hands. 
As the sound of his strings swirled across her yard, Ella took a long, last slow drag, before her eyes slowly closed, falling prey to the music setting her mind adrift.
Her foggy eyes opened to reveal a dimly lit bar, where she stood in front of a mirror, wearing a soft white dress with red horizontal stripes just above the hem. Ella squinted as the face of a strange man faded into view from the other side of the bar. His long, thick, jet black hair flowed in his wake as he purposefully made his way across the hard wood floor naked as the day he was born;  his proud erection pointing in her direction. she watched as he drew closer to her, and his sleek hardness slid into her willing hands, as his mouth ravenously found her own.
Ella luxuriated in the feel of him against her body as they slowly danced to the guitar’s rhythm. She teased his granite head with her fingers while his hands set her body free from her dress then gently massaged her breasts, while the garment slowly fell around her feet.
Ella laughed with pleasure as he fell from her delicate grasp, gliding between her thighs, and she could feel every vein of his rigid length kiss her inner lips making her jump in delight. He then lifted her off her dainty feet, and with a short grunt slid every unyielding inch of himself slowly-
The Guitar Player shot to his feet upon hearing her laugh, the music stopping abruptly as he tentatively walked towards the fence between them. “Hello. Is someone there?"
“Just me.” Ella said standing up so he could see her. She zipped up her jacket hiding her turgid nipples poking through her bra and t-shirt. “Hi neighbor. I’m Ella. I was, uh just sitting out here when you started to play-”
“I didn’t know you were here. I would not have played if I did.”
“Why?” she asked somewhat taken aback.
He looked at the guitar. “This is a special guitar and when I play her strings, her song can have an...effect.”
“Oh it had an effect and it was beautiful.” Ella replied remembering the vivid fantasy she just had as she sat back down on the swing. 
He looked at her, his eyes striking even under the stars. “Thank you. You sure you are OK.”
“Delightful and I see we have something else in common.” she said taking a big sniff.
He cocked his head. “I’m sorry. I don't understand.”
“We both like music and kush.” she hissed.
He grinned. “Ah, my only vice. That and drinking a good wine every now and then.”
“I’m not doing anything tomorrow," she began with a surprising burst of self confidence.  "What about lunch? I’ll cook.”
He looked at her hand. “You lover will have no quarrel with this?”
“There is no lover. No husband. Not anymore.” Ella said quickly, with a twinge of sadness. She took a deep breath and changed her tone. “What about you? Is there some jealous guitar groupie sitting in the shadows watching us?”
He looked away, his eyes momentarily as sorrowful as hers. “No. Love has eluded me, leaving only brief yet passionate dalliances in her wake.”
Ella momentarily swooned under his hypnotic presence. “So, it’s settled; my place tomorrow, around twelve thirty?”
“Yes. That would be a delight. I'll provide the wine.”
“Great, and bring your guitar.” Ella stood and backed towards her kitchen door, giving him a short wave before dashing into the house, giddy as a school girl.
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Friday, May 6, 2016

In a Philly Mood WDAS 1993
by T A Malone

In the fall of 1993, I had the honor of being an intern at the legendary Philadelphia, Pa. radio station WDAS during my 5th and final year of college. What started off as a classical music station in 1959, became what is now known as Urban Contemporary in 1971 and has remained a local favorite since. WDAS helped spread the “Philadelphia Sound”, which lead to disco and introduced the world to artists such as The O’Jay’s, Teddy Pendergrass and Patti La Belle.

Quick side bar…I highly, highly, highly recommend having some of Ms. La Belle’s vanilla topped pound cake. Ma’am, from the bottom of my heart and ever ready tummy, thank you…and “If Only You Knew” is one of the greatest songs ever written. But I simply must ask how did you do it? I must know, cause…I never thought I would taste a piece of heaven without it being attached to a woman.

From charitable events, to empowerment rally’s, to just providing some smooth music to listen to on the ride home, WDAS has done some great things for my hometown, and was a great place to work at. I learned a lot, and managed to make a fool out of myself too.

To begin with, I was an intern working for the news department, and helping the still sexy WDAS DJ supreme Mimi Brown in the afternoons. Quick sidebar…working with Mimi was an adventure because I constantly had to cover my mid-section whenever she sashayed on by. She was then and is now a master at her craft, and one of the smartest and sexiest women I have ever met.

I also got to talk to the legendary DJ Joe “Butterball” Tamburro. I got wiser just walking by his office. If you are not familiar with him, look him up, and learn about a classy dude. RIP.

My intern supervisor was the uber cool Tamlin Henry, who was one of the wisest guys I ever worked with. I learned a lot from him, and got to meet some amazing people, with sometimes funny results.

The first involved a simple misunderstanding.

At the time there was a reporter for either the Philadelphia Inquirer, or Daily News named Vanessa Williams, who called the news room looking for Tamlin. I took the message from the captivating receptionist at the front, and sat it on Tamlin’s desk. I didn’t read the note, I just dropped it off. So when Tamlin came in, he asked, “Well, which on?” I looked at him, dumbfounded, which, sad to say happened a lot in the beginning of my internship. “Uh,” was my articulate reply.

“Which Vanessa man,” he asked whipping out his not so little black book held closed by a rubber band whose elastic was stretched to its limits. “Vanessa from the paper, or Vanessa?”

Well, like I said before, I only knew one Vanessa, so I responded accordingly.

About five minutes later, the following occurred…

“Thank you for calling WDAS. How can I help you?” I said answering the phone.

“Is this Terry?” a silky voice asked.

“Yeah,” I responded dropping my voice a little lower for tha’ lady.

“Hi, this is Vanessa Williams, is Tamlin there?”

I swear to God, this is how I responded…”I-I-I-I-I-uh-uh-uh-I-uh-I-uh,”

Laughing hysterically Tamlin took the phone from me and the lead news man, another cool brother whose name was Dave, patted me on the shoulder. “Smooth,” he said trying not to laugh too hard.

Tamlin, who was too busy laughing to speak to the beauty at the other end of the phone, put it on speaker as he tried to recover from hysteria. I then heard the lovely Vanessa L. Williams say “I blew that brotha’s mind didn't I?” as she laughed like an angel.

I wasn’t always so clumsy when I handled the phones at WDAS.

I successfully interviewed former Heath Secretary Donna Shalala, and other local & national politicians, and entertainers whose publicist shuffled them our way. I would do the interview, edit out my voice, and make drops for Dave, Tamlin and the weekend news guy. In the afternoon, I would help Mimi out with getting music, food, and any thing else she needed. Hell it was Mimi. In fact, Mimi cut some drops for my college radio show which were so hot, one guy called me asking for her number. As I helped Mimi I met entertainers such as Jodi Watley, Teddy Pendergrass, and Pam Grier. 

Pam Grier…damn.

You gotta understand, Pam Grier was my first Hollywood crush. I remember seeing her on the Mike Douglas Show when I was four years old.

Yeah…I started young.

My “love” for her continued, for around the age of 12-13, I found a Player’s magazine with a pictorial of Ms Grier that I coveted as if it were gold. And no, the pages never got sticky, or even wrinkled. I kept it with my collection of comic books in a plastic sleeve.

See, she was the epitome of beauty for me at the time. And for a guy who only ever saw naked white women –Playboy, Penthouse, porn etc- seeing a naked black woman, with her body, that was something memorable. I also kept the Sports Illustrated with Tyra Banks on the cover and the Playboy featuring the first Black Playmate of the Year Renee Tennison.

But Pam, she was the first. 

In addition to probably being the inspiration behind the Commodores hit song Brickhouse, Pam Grier was/is a savvy business woman, multi talented entertainer, smart, and classy lady. I always had a crush on her, and saw the movie Posse just because she was in it. Heck up until six years ago, I had a video tape of the two Miami Vice episodes she appeared in, and was and still am mad jealous of Philip Michael Thomas.

But in 1993, God, allowed me a simple pleasure.

It was around five one evening at the station, and the sun had already set over my favorite city. I was done for the day, getting ready to go to my night job, which I hated. Come on, all day long I worked with local celebs, politicians and other cool folks. My night job involved typing receipts for some government agency, which was about as much fun as watching paint dry. There was this one sexy, witty woman in her forties who worked there and…oh nevermind…back to Pam.

Just as I put on my coat to leave, Tamlin walked in with a smile on his face, “Come on T,” he said. “I want you to meet a legend,”

I heard her laugh before I even got to the hallway, and her familiar voice which could melt half of Alaska spoke. “Oh Tamlin come on now,”

It was Pam Grier.

She was promoting a play she was doing in New Jersey and had come to WDAS to visit. She knew half the staff, and they just loved her. And I was in love the moment she smiled at me.

 “Hi” she said pleasantly after I introduced myself, not realizing how tall she was. “You look a little young to know about me,”

“What?” I said all too comfortable in her presence, because that’s just the energy she radiated. “Ms Grier you are one of my favorites! I saw you in Posse, Miami Vice, Foxy Brown, and my dad had a Player’s mag-”

Mimi laughed loudly as I caught myself, far too late. Tamilin started laughing, and Dave…Dave just shook his head.

“Smooth,” he said.

But despite my flub, the smile on Pam Grier’s face was one I would never forget. “Now, aren’t you a little young to be reading that?”

It was at that moment that my favorite image from that pictorial flashed in my mind. “Uh,” I said oh so articulately. “No,”

“I don’t think he read it,” Tamilin said, and then we all laughed, and she touched my shoulder. “It’s ok baby,” she said still cracking up.

Wow, I made Pam Grier laugh. That was cool.

And that sums up WDAS...a place of wisdom, music and well, just plain coolness. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Riding Along
by TA Malone 

In my mind, there is nothing wrong with riding a bus. In fact many of the most memorable moments in my life revolved around riding public transportation and women. And this morning, as I reminisced, three moments in particular came to my mind.

They all happened in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA with the first occurring during my third year in college. I was riding the C bus one morning, when a young lady got on wearing a white blouse, black mini skirt and sneaks. Right away her outfit held my attention and I discreetly enjoyed the sight of her cute little socks with the furry ball at the back of the ankle as she paid her fare. And as she walked to the back of the bus, I enjoyed the gentle sway of her hips and the slight whiff of the perfume she wore. 

She gave me a smile, and I gave her a nod as the bus began to move. She was pretty, with butterscotch skin, and jet black hair. Her eyes or contacts were hazel just adding to her beauty. She sat demurely, smoothing out her skirt before placing a nicely rounded backside onto a very lucky seat. I went back to listening to Ice Cube on my Sony Discman –yes this was a while back early 1990's- and staring out the window as Broad Street passed me by. I heard paper unwrapping, but paid it no mind, and enjoyed listening to Cube rap about how good the day was.

My disc skipped as the bus ran over a pothole. I looked down to push the button to start the song over, and then I looked up at the beauty nearby.

She was sucking a lollypop. A Tootsie Roll to be exact.

And not just sucking it…she was killing it. And her actions just seemed to fit the music blaring in my ears…

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd

Her thick tongue entwined around the sucker, licking and slurping on that Tootsie Roll as if her life depended on it. For about five seconds I stared hypnotized by her actions, before I snapped my head around, and adjusted my crotch as discreetly as I could.

I swore I heard her snicker, but went back to Cube:
Lookin’ in my mirror and not a jacker in sight
Got a beep from Kim and she can fuck-

The young beauty coughed and I looked over to see her slide her lips over the cherry ball of sugar and work her tongue around and around as it sat in her mouth. I could not believe it; for the first time in my life, I was envious of a piece of candy.

Then, her eyes met mine.

Now remember, they were striking, and had me hypnotized from minute one. Now was no different, only now, my 22 year old ass was rock hard and thinking how after all this I could get her phone number.

Then she smiled, and pulled the lollypop from between her succulent lips with a resounding pop.

“Last stop!” the bus driver roared, “End of the line,”

The woman got up, allowing me a flash of her thick toned thighs. She picked up her bag and looked at me, the pop back between her ruby red lips. “Bye,” she said and got off.

I thought about baseball for a few more moments before I followed suit, my gym bag strategically covering my enlarged crotch. I still had a chance to get the digits, or so I thought, for with some regret and a lot of lust, I watched the beauty climb into a car, and a guy around my age driving off, who was I am sure, well aware he was dating Muffy the Lollypop Slayer.

Another moment found me on a train, sitting across from a very naturally pretty woman. She wore a dark colored skirt, which fell just above her knees and very little is any makeup. She too wore sneakers, and our eyes met on more than one occasion, but I would just smile, for the wedding ring on her finger looked as if it were worth more money that my student loans at the time.

But still we would share a glance, for there was nothing else to look at as the subway train rolled along. I figured if I looked down, I could do no harm.

But when I looked down, I saw her legs. It was obvious this Italian beauty worked out, and her thick tan calves looked absolutely tantalizing. I worked my way up to her knees and thighs when the train lurched to a stop and folks got on and off obscuring my view, so I just looked around the train. When the train doors closed and it started up again, I happily went back to her knees, and noticed they were a little farther apart.

I thought nothing of it, and just continued to stare. I looked up and she looked away, a grin on her face, as I looked down again, the gap between her knees was wider.

And…were those panties I saw?

Granted she was older than I was, probably in her early thirties, and still striking. So getting to see between her taught thighs was a surprising pleasure. I had to lick my lips and glance away as the train started to slow down. I looked back and easily saw the pink pattern racing its way across the crotch of her underwear, and when I looked up at her face, the grin she wore was wide and bright. Again the train lurched to a stop and she got off without a word. It was then, and now that I figured she enjoyed the attention from strangers on a train. We all love attention, it lets us know we are still attractive, and provide a daily dose of ego boosting. I was also pretty sure, a very lucky hubby would reap the benefits of her arousal once the kids -if any- were tucked away in bed. 

The last and most memorable public transportation moment, is not so much erotic as romantic.

I sat alone in a pair of blue and beige seats, with my holiday shopping bags between me and the side of a half empty trolley bound for the Sharon Hill area of Pennsylvania when she got on.

The first word that rushed into my brain was regal.

She was maybe 5’6”-5'8” maybe. I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you was she glowed. She radiated that light only some of us have, and with her, it shined bright. At first I could only see the profile of her face, as she stood with her left side facing me while she paid her fare. The long black coat she wore covered her figure, but by the way the midsection curved, there was enough evidence to warrant she at least had a booty. She stood straight and elegantly, and she wore a long dark colored skirt and of course a pair of sneaks blanketed what I imagined were a pristine pair of tootsies. 

One would think she were a descendant of Egyptian Kings and Queens.

Then I saw her face, and…well…years later, Dru Hill wrote a song entitled Beauty which perfectly sums up how I was feeling at that exact moment…

The woman that's stolen my heart
And beauty is her name   
I mean she was at the time the most beautiful woman I had ever seen that was not on TV, a movie screen, record/CD cover, or a magazine or an ex girlfriend or future wife. She had golden brown skin, green eyes, and light, almost honey colored hair, which blended perfectly with her skin. I couldn't help but to stare, my mouth open, then, sliding into a smile of appreciation for such beauty. 

She did not walk far and just smiled at me as she took a seat near the driver. And wow, she even sat like a queen. Her back was straight and proud as her manicured hands folded over her stylish purse as it sat in her lap. And twice when those captivating green eyes stopped staring forward and glanced my way, I had to take in a breath, and then cough, because I was on a trolley.

I forget where she got off. I know it was before my stop. But watching her leave, while sad, was just as delightful as watching her majestic arrival. Her walk likened her to one who was used to rose petals being bestowed at their feet. She thanked the driver and looked at me in the mirror. My balls took over and I said good-bye. She smiled and said bye as well and got off the bus.

Why I didn’t pursue her, I will never know. I just know she was one heck of a beauty, and that sometimes I really, really miss riding the bus/train/trolley.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Freak Me

By:  TA Malone


“So,” Tiara said smiling at me back in her director’s chair, looking even hotter in person than on video all those years ago. “How did you end up on this career path?”

I grinned, feeling calmer already. “I need money,”

“Good a reason as any,” She replied. “You a college boy?”

“Yes,” I replied. And for some reason I felt a surge of boldness, “And dare I say, a big fan of yours,”

Tiara smiled at me, and it was, before I met Lynn of course, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.  “So, is fucking me a fantasy come true?” she said shooting me a sexy look.

I swallowed hard as my cock started to stir. “Yes ma’am,”

“Well,” She laughed. “At least you are honest, and no more of that ma’am shit. My granny is a ma’am not me,” she replied her eyes never leaving mine. “Is fucking Hunny a dream come true as well?”

“Uh, well yeah,” I replied sheepishly. “But I uh…to be honest I’ve always wanted you more,”

“So,” Tiara grinned stepping down off her chair. Her heels were off, and she looked to be only 5’1” maybe 5’2”. She slowly walked towards me, a yellow lace bra cradling her full breasts “I made you cum hard watching my movies huh,”

I nodded. “I can’t tell you how many times,” I said as if in a trance.

She smiled even more. “Did you cum when I did, or when the guy did?”

“Damn,” I grinned thinking she could read my mind. “You,”

“That’s hot,” Tiara said as her smile grew while she unclipped her bra exposing her still firm 36C chest that in my mind I had sucked and fucked a thousand times before today. My eyes traveled to her succulent hips as her jeans slid down revealing a matching yellow thong before she glided her muscular legs towards me. With each sensuous step, my heart beat faster and my mind raced with thoughts of us entwined fucking like crazy.

“So,” she said gently taking hold of my hands, her hands as soft as a gentle breeze, sending shivers through my body. “How badly do you want me?” she smiled, and began to kneel down. “You willing to piss Hunny off, or you just want to wait?” she said, her lips mere inches from the smaller of my two heads. “The question is can you wait?”

Before I could answer, she took me into her mouth.

Lynn looked at me, feeling my erection beneath my jeans. “Having a flashback?” she said raising her left eyebrow in that sexy way, causing my dic to throb.

“That was then,” I said kissing her lightly on her sexy full lips. “You are now,” I replied.

She rubbed my cock through my pants, grinning. “Nice answer,” Lynn hissed as our lips met once more.


“Well, I want to go to Cabo San Lucus for Spring Break,” I said while Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me” played in the background. Tiara was on my lap, absently playing with me while we talked. “I figured this would be a quick and legal way to earn some cash,” I smiled, my inhibitions long gone, “And I am damn glad I did,” I blatantly looked Tiara up and down.

“Hmm, I’m flattered,” she replied. “Nice to have a fan, and not some nut case with a fetish for,” she held up two fingers on each hand like quotation marks “MILF pussy,” she snapped “Shit, I don’t even have any fucking kids, so how in the hell can I be a MILF?”

The breath the lovely woman on my lap released was full of exasperation, as she looked me in my eyes, my still hard member safe in snug in the confines of her hands, “Why is it, a woman loses her beauty as she ages but men get distinguished,”

I shrugged, “That’s some shit you gotta take up with whoever made up that dumb ass rule, I think you’re fucking beautiful,” I patted her thigh. “You look great for,” I paused. “Whatever age you are. Matter of fact I’d bet you will still be hot when you are ninety,”

She looked at me grinning, “You mean that shit don’t you with your sexy, nice cock havin ass,” Tiara laughed as she gave me a quick, yet soft and sweet kiss. “Now, to avoid any drama with my bitch, get limp, and I will see you soon,”

I heard the shower go off, as I watched Tiara and her succulent ass sashay across the room. The door opened, revealing the stunning Hunny, with a towel around her torso and her hair. “Yeah,” she was saying to Tiara as she walked past her into the bathroom. “I’ve been thinking. To make this a fun time for us, first one to cum has kitchen duty for a month,” she said closing the door before Tiara could reply. Hunny glided to the makeup counter, and unraveled the towel from around her head. I couldn’t help but to once again stare at Hunny’s high cheekbones, and cat eyes, which grew even narrower when she smiled. She turned on her MP3 player and soon after, I heard the strands of Silk’s number one hit.

“Listen close young boy,” Hunny said. “These are your instructions on how to satisfy me in musical form, so it should be easy for your ass to remember,”

Her body began to sway to the rhythm. And I got lost in the song, memorized by the hourglass figure before me.

Let me lick you up and down
Till you say stop,
Let me play with your body baby,
Make you real hot,
Let me do all the things,
You want me to do,
‘cause tonight baby,
I wanna get freaky with you,

“Young boy,” she called. “Come here and put lotion on my back,”

I nearly fell twice on my way over to her, causing her to giggle loudly. “Slow down young boy,” she said laughing. “I ain’t going any where I hope yo’ ass can fuck better than you can walk,”

I smiled as she handed me the lotion. “I will not disappoint you Miss-” her reflection scowled at me in the mirror. “Hunny,”

“Good answer,” she said dropping her towel and right away her sexy voice faded and began to sound like a off screen adult in a Charlie Brown’s cartoon as I stared at her dark brown naked frame.

“Waa,waa, wa,waaa,wa,” she was saying as I hungrily started at her every curve, and the sway of her hips to the music. Her breasts sat on her chest like chocolate covered grapefruits, with no areola, only a pair of tantalizing dark brown nipples. Her infamous ass, now slightly wider, sat proudly, begging for my touch.

“Waa, waa, waa, waa,” she said, as the song played on

Let me play with your body

Lustfully, I applied the lotion to her back, massaging it into her silky soft skin.

“Waa, waa,” she sighed in mid sentence. Hunny’s eyes closed, another sigh emanated from her luscious lips as I slowly worked the lotion into her shoulders and upper back.

“Oh that feels nice,” she sighed.

The massage was turning us both on, and she began to lean back into me. The fortysomthing beauty before me had skin made of silk, and the site of her nipples hardening under my touch blew my mind. Before I knew it, I cupped her full tits in my hands, as she leaned back, her mouth open, grinding against my dic.

“Oh shit, young boy,” she replied gasping and unfortunately coming to her senses, “Boy I said put lotion on my back,” she said jerking away from me.

I nodded, “I, I,”

The bathroom door opened, and Tiara came out, naked drying herself as she walked to us, “Oh, yeah, lotion me too,”

Hunny looked at me. “You in love boy?”

“No,” I replied shooting a quick look at Tiara who smiled back. “I mean damn woman, I mean those pretty tits were just calling my name.”

Hunny burst out laughing, “Boy, you too damn eager,” she looked at Tiara. “Bitch, handle this,”

Tiara walked past me. “Manny,” she yelled after opening the door “Give us 20, then we’ll be down,” Tiara closed the door, walked over to her purse, then to sofa, sat and patted a nearby cushion. “Well, baby, let’s get you high so our scene can last more than five minutes. We want to make this whole experience a memorable moment for you and your nice cock,” she took a thick cigar out of her purse. “Smoke this shit. Got it from my cousin he called it Stone Cold Stunner,’” she said with a smile, “Come sit, come sit,”

“Uh,” I drank more than I smoked weed, and was more than a little reluctant to smoke something named after Steve Austin's infamous finishing maneuver.

“Shit,” Hunny said clad in a purple satin robe. She was gently steering me to the sofa from behind, making me sit down so I between the two porn goddesses. “That shit gon get everybody right. Now light that shit bitch,”

Tiara looked at her with a grin. “Sure bitch,” and for some reason we started to laugh our asses off

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Wait,” Lynn looked at me, still absently massaging my dic through my jeans. “You smoked pot?”

“Once,” I replied. “And the shit they gave me,” I shook my head, smiling at the memory. “Was truly a religious experience,”

"Well," Lynn said matter of factually. "You did say it was called Stone Cold Stunner, lucky your ass could walk. she gave me a wicked smile. "You wanna do it again?"

 “Uh,” I replied completely thrown off by her response. “Ok,” I said smiling at her.

“Alright,” she replied, kissing me on the lips. “There’s a lot we need to do now,” she smiled mischievously.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All I remember is sitting between them on the couch, as Tiara kept handing me the weed. The first time, I coughed my brains out while they giggled in delight. Soon, I got the hang of it, with Tiara’s help. She would take a hit, pass it to me, and then I would take a hit, and pass it to Hunny. After the third rotation, Hunny handed it to me and said. “Take two hits,”

Soon there after, Tiara took a hit, leaned over, and I breathed in the weed she blew into my mouth along with her expert tongue.

“Oh yeah,” I heard Hunny say from far away, “That got his ass,”

The world grew hazy, and I leaned my head back. I felt like I was floating and closed my eyes, a smile plastered across my face. The next thing I know I went from looking at a dimly lit ceiling as I leaned my head back, to looking at the ceiling under some hot ass lights. I mean some hot ass lights.

I sleepily lifted my head, and saw the cameras, as my two most vivid masturbatory fantasies held my cock each sliding their tongue and lips up and down my shaft, meeting at my head where they caressed me with their mouths as I sighed in absolute pleasure.

Their tongues danced around my rock hard dic. Hunny smiled as she licked me like a lollypop, as Tiara took her sexy lips off my other head to slide up my body. She was smiling seductively, and I could feel the heat from her pussy on my thigh as she slid up my body. We kissed, making my cock throb in Hunny’s mouth which in turned made the cocoa brown beauty groan. Tiara whispered, “Taste me,” before kissing me softly again. “Taste me, baby” then she slid her delectable pussy over my mouth.

I throbbed again, and felt Hunny’s tongue dance on my head. I didn’t know where to start, I fantasized about this moment for years. So I took a deep breath of her sweetness and kissed her sugar walls. She shivered, and I kissed her pussy again, this time, the same way I kissed her lips only moments ago, sliding my tongue into her every now and then. Soon, I began to alternate between swirling my tongue around her clit, then sliding it up, down, and around her whole pussy. Soon Tiara’s hips began to move, as she moaned. “Oh yeah, Papi,”

Then I remembered the song…


“I have that song on my MP3,” Lynn whispered in my ear before she ran her tongue in and around my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “We can hear it later,”

“Girl, if I knew you would be like this,” I said looking at her, kissing her. “I would have told you this story a long time ago,”

“No shit Sherlock,” she said kissing me back. “Now continue,”

My hips began to move in conjunction with Hunny’s mouth, causing her to stop in mid suck. She began to stroke me.

Meanwhile, I feasted upon Tiara’s exquisite pussy, playing the song in my head.

Let me lick you up and down
Till you say stop

Tiara moaned, as I felt Hunny’s hot pussy slide down on my dic. “Oh fuck,” she hissed. “Oh my God, Young Boy you hard as hell” she said as she began to move up, down and around. Soon, I placed a hand on her left hip to improve our sensual tempo.

Let me play with your body baby,
Make you real hot…

While my left hand caressed Hunny’s silky soft hourglass frame, my right hand caressed Tiara’s asshole. My tongue soon found a home sliding up and down her labia back up to her protruding clit. She moaned, and something hot, sweet and heavenly fell upon my tongue, before Tiara’s body trembled.

Hunny sighed as she got up to ride me reverse cowgirl style. “Oh baby, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried as my hips began to piston up inside of her.

I felt her pussy get hotter as she began to bounce up and down with wanton abandon, meeting me stroke for stroke

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“No shit,” Nancy replied, her jeans open as she openly played with her pussy, “Hard as a fucking rock, and by God it is a damn nice cock,”

Jeff looked down at his wife. “Babe, you do realize your drunk ass is paying with your pussy in front of our best friends,”

“Yes,’ she replied huskily. “But does your drunk ass realize it should be you playing with my pussy?”

Jeff blinked, his mouth open. He licked his lips, looked at Nancy, who was transfixed by my one and only porn scene, her right hand moving in circular motions, as she sighed in pleasure. He looked at me. “You guys mind,”

“No,” I said. “Fuck it,”

Lynn suddenly got up. “I’ll be back,” she said.

“Man keep talking,” Jeff said eagerly helping a giddy Nancy out of her skin tight jeans.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Soon Hunny turned back around to face Tiara who twisted to do the same, her pussy never leaving my mouth. I slowly slid my tongue in and out of her pussy, licking her clit periodically, sending goose bumps around her hips and thighs. “Oh, oh yes, don’t stop,” she cried. My hands now took both of Hunny’s round full breasts in my soft grip, twisting her nipples, making her get even hotter.

I felt a pop, as a trickle of cum ran down my shaft. Hunny grinded her hips, rotating them first to the left, and then to the right, before bouncing up and down my turgid member again, moaning and groaning. Soon, Hunny grinned me again, only this time longer than before still groaning in pleasure. At the same time, I felt Tiara’s clit begin to throb. I had never felt a clit throb before, so I took it into my mouth, softly licking her as she began to drip uncontrollably.

Tiara’s body went rigid, as her fingernails dug into my chest and stomach.

“Somebody’s got kitchen duty,” Hunny said breathlessly as she began to ride my dic faster. I felt her hips quiver, and I began to move with her as she bounced up and down. “Oh shit,” she sighed.

“Oh fuck that,” Tiara said. “No way, you first,” she leaned in and kissed Hunny, who began to slam her ass down on my hips meeting me thrust for thrust.

Tiara trembled, her juices flowing freely, growing warmer and sweeter, and tasting like nectar ebbing slowly upon my tongue.

Tiara cried out into Hunny’s mouth, as I twisted the black woman’s nipples, sending jolts of pleasure thru her body.

“Oh shit, you bitch,” Hunny shouted quivering each time she fell on my cock. I was in heaven and just kept lovingly eating Tiara’s pussy, and soon she began to shake harder.

“This fucking young boy” Tiara squealed. 

“Has me,” Hunny said.

I felt them both tense up. “Cumming!” they said in unison screaming into each other’s mouths.

Tiara screamed as cum squirted into my face, and right eye. I now knew what it was like to get a facial, and swore to never do that shit to a woman ever again. But the sweetness of her drenched pussy called to my eager tongue as I slowly, and lovingly licked her. She didn’t stop moving her hips until her orgasm passed, and even then she pushed my head into her pussy. “Stick your tongue in…yeah, yeah that’s it baby, that’s it,”

Just as Tiara nearly drowned my face, Hunny screamed bouncing on my dic one more time before my balls and throbbing shaft were drowned in her hot sticky cum. Her juices felt like lava flowing down, its warmth both erotic and searing at the same time. She got off, me, and I felt some cum drop onto my thigh.

Tiara got off my face, smiling, “My turn with that dic,”

“Come here to Mamma,” Hunny replied, gesturing me to come to her, as Tiara lay on her back, legs spread wide. Her tasty pussy just stared at me, and I was torn between eating her and fucking her.

The director hissed at me, “Fuck her boy,” he said making the decision for me.

And as I positioned myself on the sofa to fuck the woman of my dreams, she smiled up at me. “Make me cum again young boy,”

Before I could grab my own cock, Hunny reached from behind me, taking me into the confines of her velvety hands, slowly guiding me into Tiara. The three of us gasped in unison as Hunny pushed me deeper into Tiara’s hot tight pussy.

Often we stopped fucking long enough for Hunny to lick Tiara’s juices off my rigid member. Tiara began to push against me, a smile of contentment covered her face, and soon her eyes closed, her face tilting to the side. I began to play with her nipples, and her mouth fell open, as her pussy got wetter and seemingly tighter around my dic.

“Oh young boy,” Hunny whispered in my ear as she absently played with my left nipple. “You gon make my girl come again,” then she licked my ear, and her other hand rubbed my body. I closed my eyes, shivering in ecstasy.

My involuntary movements made Tiara gasp as our hips began move in a perfect unison. I looked at the director who was smiling giving me a thumbs up, as well as gesturing for me to keep going.

I looked down at Tiara, who still had her eyes closed, only now, she began to moan, and then her breath started coming out in short bursts of pleasure.

“Hmm, fuck her harder” Hunny purred into my ear, as her hands expertly caressed me down to my soul. “She’s so close young boy,”

Tiara’s eyes soon opened, and she sat up, bracing herself with her arms against my chest, slamming her hips against me. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” her head fell back, as her hips rose in the air bringing her off my rock hard member. Her body trembled, and cum shot out onto my chest and Hunny’s hands. Tiara stayed like that for about ten more seconds, her trembling body, made my cock throb in Hunny’s tender hand.

“Nice job young boy,” Hunny whispered. “Your turn,” she started playing with my balls. As soon as Tiara laid back down, Hunny again guided me in. Her other hand soon found its way back to my left nipple as she playfully tugged and twisted it, causing my dic to move up and down inside Tiara.

Tiara looked at me, her eyes full of lust and delight. “Cum for me,”

I relaxed, staving off my orgasm. Hunny smiled. “Nice try,” she said. “You not trying to cum yet,”

I shook my head. “No,” I said fucking Tiara for all I was worth.

“Too bad,” Hunny said. She pulled my dic out and began to jerk me off from behind. “Oh shit!” I cried.

“Cum for me,” Tiara said sensually, running her hands up and down her body and mine.

I had a flashback to this one scene Tiara did. It was her first girl-girl scene, and Tiara had a screaming orgasm. I reversed the scene five times, enjoying how her legs shook, her eyes rolled back into her head, and a little squirt of her cum landed on a pink vibrator. I came so hard and screamed so loud my neighbor came over to check on me. I told him I dropped a book on my foot.

“Cum for me,” Tiara said looking into my eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Holy shit, you got weed?” I said to Lynn who came back with a cigar just in time to see my one and only pop shot.

First, a trickle came out onto Hunny’s fingers, as she kept playing with my nipple, and stroking my cock. “Oh yeah,” she said, stroking me slower.

Soon more cum trickled out of my head, before a stream shot out, followed by five more thick strands of cum. I screamed as Hunny kept stroking my dic from behind, milking me dry. The next thing I remembered was the director giving me a standing ovation, and my money. Then Hunny and Tiara basically kidnapping my ass for a week, fucking me nearly to death.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming!” Nancy cried as she drove Jeff’s face into her pussy, “Ahh! Jeff, ahh! Fuck!” her head fell back against the love seat as a smile of sheer ecstasy plastered her face.

Lynn looked at me. “Light that shit,” she said handing me the cigar and standing up. “Time to fuck,”

I looked over and saw Nancy on her knees sucking Jeff’s dic, as he hit the fast forward button to the next scene.

Lynn took off her top; bra gone, her bare breasts looked at me, begging for my touch as I smiled eagerly reaching for my lover.