Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fingertips Part II
by T A Malone

Ella nearly jumped out of her skin as three short raps against the back door in the kitchen jarred her out of her daydream. She took one last glance in the dining room mirror, smoothed out her favorite yellow summer dress, and strolled confidently into her kitchen.
“Come in,” she said opening the door and stepping back so he could pass; secretly hoping he noticed her robust breasts in all their glory beneath the soft yellow cotton. But he gave her a quick nod before his eyes fixated on the spread she laid out on the dining room table.

He stared hungrily at the food while leaning his guitar against a nearby chair, and clapping his hands. “It has been far too long since I've had such a lavish home cooked meal.”
“I love to cook and since the divorce, I've had little reason to . When my hus-ex-husband and I first met, I could burn water, but after awhile, I got the hang of it and would spend hours cooking for my boys because…” Ella said her voice trailing off, worried she said too much about her ex. She couldn't help herself, for her new sexy neighbor looked absolutely delicious standing in her kitchen swathed in a black sport coat, white t-shirt, and blue jeans. 
“Corkscrew?” he asked holding up a bottle of red wine.
“I really liked that song you played last night.” She said finding it hard to breathe as she pulled the necessary tool from a drawer by the sink. And when she turned around, he was even closer than before.
“Thank you.” He said, his eyes never leaving hers.
“You’re welcome.” She replied, her mouth suddenly dry.
He deftly opened the bottle and filled two glasses halfway. He held one glass out to Ella, before raising his own.

“Shall we drink to a wonderful lunch and wonderful company?”
“Yes, cheers,” Ella replied as they brought their glasses together briefly.

"By the way, after our encounter last night, I wrote a song for you."

“You wrote a song for me?”
“Of course, especially since you are feeding me and I played the wrong song last night. Man was that song not for you.”
“You already said that,” Ella replied with a mild edge to her voice.
The Guitar Player shook his head. “Forgive me for being so blunt. The other woman was not on your level.”
“Thank you,” Ella said blushing.
“It is true, so no need to thank me. Anyway, she was a lover long past who is best left forgotten. She did, however, love to dance, in all manners of speaking.” His voice trailed off as his hungry eyes scoured the table.
“Is there anything else that makes me stand out?” she asked, her mind quickly flashing to a vision of some striking Spanish beauty and the Guitar Player doing the horizontal mambo.
He was making a burger, seemingly oblivious to her presence. He took a healthy bite of a patty on a bun and rolled his yes in bliss. “This is good," he chewed thoughtfully and then turned to face her.

"I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“I asked you how.”
“How what?”
“How else are we different?”
“Well, for one thing, you are a marvelous cook.” He said as he swallowed the remains of his bite. “This is a tasty burger.”
Ella blushed once more as he placed the burger on a plate and reached for condiments. “I’m glad you like it. is there anything else?"
“And you,” he started to say while topping the burger off with a piece of Romaine lettuce.
“And I what?”
“Have class.”
“And a marvelous ass, right?” she chimed, surprised she even said it. She wished for a second she could take it back like an errant Tweet and for a second, an awkward silence fell between them, before they both began to laugh.
“Now remember you said that, not me.” He replied jovially.
“Well, I hope you were thinking it. I don’t go to the gym once, maybe twice a week for this body not to be noticed.”
“In that case let us celebrate your ass in song.”

He gestured to a nearby chair. Giggling, she sat down, taking another sip of wine.
“Ella, this is your song.”
The song started slow, a single strum across the strings, echoing in her mind, setting her worries adrift. Soon, she was swaying to the rhythm, her eyes growing heavy, and before long it enveloped her willing body into its warm embrace.
(Dear Reader. I highly recommend you play the tune Sweet Thang by guitar prodigy Shuggie Otis while reading the following passage. Thank you so much, and please be sure to comment so I can get even better at entertaining you. Enjoy!)
Ella opened her eyes to paradise while the sonance of a guitar danced in the air.
She lay on a pristine white towel draped over a patch of lush green grass, with only the bottom of a sky blue bikini gracing her body. A pair of matching sunglasses covered her eyes from the sun’s rays peeking through the trees, dancing upon the surface of a pond and her curvy body, while the warm air softly caressed her bare breasts.
Soon, Ella found her eyes under the spell of a waterfall as it poured down into the pond. For some reason, she could not tear her gaze away from the relaxing sight as the water seemed to descend in slow motion. Blinking, she soon saw two mushroomed heads, one light tan, the other a darker shade of brown poke their way through the cascading water. Licking her lips, she stared with growing lust as the inflated heads slowly revealed the rest of their long, bulging and rigid shafts.
“Oh my,” Ella whispered, taking off her sunglasses.
Before long, the bodies they were attached too came into full view as they strode through the falling water, descending effortlessly into the pond. Ella felt her excitement grow as the muscular men clad in form fitting black bodysuits from head to toe, with only their mouths and magnificent cocks visible slowly waded through the water in her direction.
They rose from the pond, water falling off their suits while their hard rods swayed in the air, heightening her already fevered anticipation. Soon, she found herself savoring their touch as they kneeled on either side of her removing what was left of her bikini.
Ella purred as two tongues twirled around her caramel colored nipples, while a hand lovingly massaged the lips of her teeming flower, and another tickled her rapidly swelling pearl. 
The man to her right planted a soft wet kiss upon her lips, while her hands lasciviously sought and found his hardened member. Meanwhile, Ella enjoyed the second man, who slowly kissed his way down her body, until he was nestled between her thighs. He slid his tongue slowly up and down her sex, driving her mad with his sensual and agonizingly patient actions.
Succumbing to the pleasure and laughing softly as bliss began to take a hold of her she closed her eyes as the first man continued to softly kiss her mouth, soliciting a groan from deep within her soul. She held his swollen phallus in her hands stroking his entire length, while her hips rose and fell as the kisses upon her sex coaxed a small pop from within her core. The first man cradled her face in his strong hands, trailing his thumbs along her cheekbones while melding his lips with hers.
Ella felt the heat within surging, forcing her hips to dip deeper against the towel when suddenly his tongue slipped away, and then a moment later, she felt the tip of his manhood prod against her flower, teasing her with slow, sensual circles against her edge.
The man to her right pulled his lips away from hers, giving Ella a chance to scoot forward; needing his friend deeper within her body, but stopping in her tracks as the first man’s equally succulent member filled her vision, tantalizingly close to her eager mouth. Wishing she could look into his eyes, Ella slowly swallowed just his bulging head soliciting a soft groan while his body shook under the duress of her expert lips and tongue.
The guitar continued to play as the second man’s rigid shaft taunted her no more. Slowly and purposefully he pierced her eager pussy, making Ella groan as she sensually consumed the shaft in her mouth.
Their swiveling hips fell in perfect unison with the rhythm of the guitar, making Ella cry out, as the thick cock in her mouth fell from her soft lips. Slowly, and lovingly she stroked him, before abruptly setting him free, watching him pulsate and throb before raining hot sticky seed upon her heaving chest.
Ella closed her eyes as the sensual strokes of the second man slowly accelerated.  The vision of the first man's copious eruption filled her mind’s eye. Time seemed to slow down as she felt her body finally succumb to the bliss she felt, and the rush came in waves, taking her breath away as her back arched and a deluge of her searing nectar drowned his shaft in a river of sugary sweetness.
It was the heat of her passion which caused him to scream her name before snatching his engorged member from her molten valley and bathing her belly with his own blistering essence.
The customized ring of her cell phone made Ella jump in her chair. Her eyes snapped open and with a pang in her heart, she saw the Guitar Player standing by her back door, holding a plate whose contents were barely covered by a sheet of aluminum foil and his guitar. He smiled, giving her a small salute before Ella blinked and the handsome man was gone, leaving only a note in his wake.
Fanning herself, she unfolded the piece of paper, which simply said thank you.
“No, thank you.” she replied standing on unsteady legs, and in eager need of a change of underwear. 
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