Saturday, February 18, 2017

by T A Malone
A lone U-Haul rumbled into the cul-de-sac around eleven that fateful Friday afternoon, followed closely by the red Mercedes coupe of local real estate agent extraordinaire Blaine Richards.  He got out of his car and snatched up the For Rent sign in front of the old Johnstone place, which just so happened to be right next door to Ms. Ella Katawan who was until he arrived, happily tending to her rose bushes.
From her knees, clad in blue jeans and a gray t-shirt, she covertly watched a ruggedly handsome man with a five o’clock shadow step out of the truck, and make his way towards Blaine who decided to shoot Ella a wink. She rolled her eyes and went back to her roses when her cell phone rang.
Since Ella didn’t get to the gym as often as she liked to get in some exercise, she purposefully kept her cell inside the house on a small table by the front door. Slowly she stood to retrieve it, groaning as her knees cracked loudly in protest, while secretly wishing her phone was a hell of a lot closer. 
Walking up the front porch steps, she heard the back of the truck rumble open while she answered her cell phone. “Hey, Alice, what a surprise, not.”
“Did you see your scrumptious new neighbor?” Alice Martin said from her palatial abode across the street. This week, her always stylish braids were a platinum blond and hung delicately just above her caramel colored shoulders. “Mmm, mmm. He look good enough to eat girl. He got this whole Spanish pirate thang going on.”
“You read too many romance novels,” Ella replied.
“Whatever girl. He's hot. Can you see what he has in his truck?”
Ella peered through her blinds. “Uh, now why do I want to see what he has in his damn truck?”
“So you can see what kind of man your future boyfriend is.”
“ psychic now? Oh hell, here comes the Smiling Cock.” Ella replied watching Blaine strolling confidently up her walkway.
Two short raps against her screen door brought Thor her Dachshund scampering around the corner, barking ferociously as Blaine opened the door.
“Hey baby. How you been?” he took a step forward, and the little dog growled. “What’s with the dog?”
“He knows an asshole when he smells one.” she snapped. “Besides, I’m busy.”
“Yeah I saw you outside earlier. Be sure to tell Alice I said hi, and I must say the roses look great, but your bush might need some tending. I could come back to help, say around ten tonight?”
“Sure, nothing I like better than to sit around my house waiting breathlessly for you to come save me after you tuck your little twenty something wife in for the night. So tell me, do you rock her to sleep to radio Disney, or is it story time with Dr. Seuss?”
“Damn, girl.” Alice replied from over the phone. “That was cold. Funny but cold. Ok, I can see inside his truck. Damn, he certainly doesn't have much furniture wise. I smell a rambling bachelor.”
“How do you know that?” Ella asked.
“A formerly married man would have more stuff. Unless of course, his ex-wife cleaned him out."
“Hey, I never said I wasn’t married,” Blaine whined in the background.
“Asshole you never said you were,”  Ella replied.
“Nice one,” the black woman applauded. “Damn girl. Forget the Smiling Cock in your living room. You need to check out your new neighbor. He got a nice booty. Wait, oh damn, he’s getting one ugly looking love seat off the truck all by himself. With taste like that, he is certainly not gay. Wait, is that a guitar? Oh, I love guitar players.”
Blaine spread his arms wide. “Oh come on baby. You know how beautiful you are with your sexy half Japanese and Hawaiian self. One look at you, I was through, and, well I forgot to mention my wife.”
Ella blinked “Did you just say you forgot to mention your wife? How the hell do you forget to mention a modeling, yoga instructing, personal training, ex-pro football cheerleader wife?”
He shrugged sheepishly. “Cause when I look at you Ella, you-you make me forget about her. Hell, baby, you make me forget about everything.”
“Uh oh,” Alice said over the phone. “Here it comes. The Sales Pitch.”
“You got this thing about you Ella, you know? Captivating, yeah, that’s the word. Captivating, classy and smart. That’s how I would describe you. You don’t look like you over thirty, but you act your age. I can talk to you, and I could look at you forever and a day. Your face, that body, not to mention, you are the best lover I have ever had. Come on, I can’t stop thinking about you baby.” He tried to get closer to her but Thor snarled in his path. “You gonna get this mutt off of me or what?”
“Mutt? Did you just call my baby a mutt?” Ella snapped, making Blaine and Thor take a step back.
“See, you almost had me. The sweet talk, the compliments about my looks. I was even going to let that over thirty comment slide by because you complimented my, ahem, skills. But then you called my baby a mutt.” She pointed at the door. “Get out.”
“Over a dog? Are you kidding me Ella? Don’t miss out on a good thing over this.” Thor snapped at his ankle as he pointed down at him. “Think about it. Who else in town is gonna get your car detailed for you free every week, not to mention get you a better deal on your lawn and exterminator services? I won’t even mention all this here pipe I slipped you.”
“Neither will I Kid Flash,” Ella chided.
Alice laughed. “Oh damn Ella. No, you didn’t.” 
Blaine's face turned beet red beneath his stylish blond hair. “Okay, all right, you got jokes. But if we must be truthful about that, tell me Ella, how long had it been that first time, cause you fucked me like that was the first dic you had in years and-”
“Stop. Please stop.” Ella sighed heavily, remembering their fevered lovemaking and her deep seated need to just feel someone after the worst betrayal she had ever known. “You’re right. I did need what you have, and I miss it. I miss you. But Blaine, you lied to me. You did the same damn thing he did. I-I can’t go through that again, and I won’t go through that again.”
He was silent for a moment, looking at her, the truth sinking in while memories of her soft skin against his flashed through his mind. “I really screwed the pooch on us huh? Damn, I hope someday you can forgive me.”
Ella said nothing as he walked out, Thor snarling in his wake.
Alice noticed how quiet Ella became after Blaine left. “You ok?”
“No,” Ella replied softly. 
With her son away for the weekend, Ella had the house to herself for the first time in months. She took a long shower and afterward, she donned a thin pair of gray sweats, a matching t-shirt, and a faded black hoody, and parked her fanny on the backyard swing long after the sun set. The tiny remnants of a smoldering joint hung from her pretty mouth as she swung slowly, immersed in her thoughts.
Almost two full weeks after the divorce papers were signed, Blaine wormed his hard dic and strong arms into her life. He approached her in the supermarket while she was high, horny and depressed, and wooed her with all the right words, impressed her son with his football knowledge and even paid for her groceries.
So when he asked her out two days later, she didn't hesitate to say yes and then without a seconds thought, she started fucking him.
Then she started to like fucking him.
Then she began to like having him around before and after fucking him.
But after three months of great sex, she saw him in the mall, holding hands with a pretty twenty something she later found out was his wife of four years. 
A single strum on a guitar jarred her back to her present reality, and Ella looked across her yard to see her new neighbor sitting on his porch steps still looking delicious in his white t-shirt, jeans, and bare feet.
She stared at him from the darkness, admiring his chiseled physique, illuminated solely by a candle sitting on a dish next to him. He lit what looked like a cigarette, followed by a long slow drag. Coughing, he put it out next to the burning candle, before lovingly taking his instrument into his strong hands. 
As the sound of his strings swirled across her yard, Ella took a long, last slow drag, before her eyes slowly closed, falling prey to the music setting her mind adrift.
Her foggy eyes opened to reveal a dimly lit bar, where she stood in front of a mirror, wearing a soft white dress with red horizontal stripes just above the hem. Ella squinted as the face of a strange man faded into view from the other side of the bar. His long, thick, jet black hair flowed in his wake as he purposefully made his way across the hard wood floor naked as the day he was born;  his proud erection pointing in her direction. she watched as he drew closer to her, and his sleek hardness slid into her willing hands, as his mouth ravenously found her own.
Ella luxuriated in the feel of him against her body as they slowly danced to the guitar’s rhythm. She teased his granite head with her fingers while his hands set her body free from her dress then gently massaged her breasts, while the garment slowly fell around her feet.
Ella laughed with pleasure as he fell from her delicate grasp, gliding between her thighs, and she could feel every vein of his rigid length kiss her inner lips making her jump in delight. He then lifted her off her dainty feet, and with a short grunt slid every unyielding inch of himself slowly-
The Guitar Player shot to his feet upon hearing her laugh, the music stopping abruptly as he tentatively walked towards the fence between them. “Hello. Is someone there?"
“Just me.” Ella said standing up so he could see her. She zipped up her jacket hiding her turgid nipples poking through her bra and t-shirt. “Hi neighbor. I’m Ella. I was, uh just sitting out here when you started to play-”
“I didn’t know you were here. I would not have played if I did.”
“Why?” she asked somewhat taken aback.
He looked at the guitar. “This is a special guitar and when I play her strings, her song can have an...effect.”
“Oh it had an effect and it was beautiful.” Ella replied remembering the vivid fantasy she just had as she sat back down on the swing. 
He looked at her, his eyes striking even under the stars. “Thank you. You sure you are OK.”
“Delightful and I see we have something else in common.” she said taking a big sniff.
He cocked his head. “I’m sorry. I don't understand.”
“We both like music and kush.” she hissed.
He grinned. “Ah, my only vice. That and drinking a good wine every now and then.”
“I’m not doing anything tomorrow," she began with a surprising burst of self confidence.  "What about lunch? I’ll cook.”
He looked at her hand. “You lover will have no quarrel with this?”
“There is no lover. No husband. Not anymore.” Ella said quickly, with a twinge of sadness. She took a deep breath and changed her tone. “What about you? Is there some jealous guitar groupie sitting in the shadows watching us?”
He looked away, his eyes momentarily as sorrowful as hers. “No. Love has eluded me, leaving only brief yet passionate dalliances in her wake.”
Ella momentarily swooned under his hypnotic presence. “So, it’s settled; my place tomorrow, around twelve thirty?”
“Yes. That would be a delight. I'll provide the wine.”
“Great, and bring your guitar.” Ella stood and backed towards her kitchen door, giving him a short wave before dashing into the house, giddy as a school girl.
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